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NOMATEC« makes the difference

"Nothing is impossible" - this dictum can also describe the functions of NOMATEC«.
Thanks to their specifications and features NOMATEC« foams offer versatile solutions for almost all industries. Contact us and tell us your needs, together we will certainly find a solution.
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Below you will find 6 examples of areas of activity in which NOMATEC« is used. We also offer solutions for other sectors.


Because of their properties, our foam solutions are perfect for thermal insulation in many application areas: whether
as thermal bridges for windows and fašades in the construction sector, energy-efficient transport of district heating or in general for pipe lagging – NOMATEC« offers effective, efficient insulation all over the world.


Our foams play an important role in acoustic decoupling. NOMATEC« is used, for example, to reduce the noise of rail transport; it effectively deadens footstep noise in floors and provides valuable services as an office or space divider. In cars, for example, NOMATEC« is used in A, B and C pillars.


Because of their cellular structure, our technical foams are light and yet stable. This means they can be used in the most varied areas where buoyancy is required; for instance in shipbuilding or to counter oil spills, if they are deployed as floating barriers. They are also used for leisure time activities, for example as pool noodles to keep swimmers safe.

Sealing joints

Where sections are assembled for expansion or insulation purposes there will always be joints. These joints need to be sealed for wind and weather protection using a product which will keeps its shape. For example, NOMATEC« is used in bridges, between prefabricated concrete elements or in motorways and on landing fields at airports.

Personal protection

When used in helmets, as pads, as jump mats or as protective elements around rails and building sites, NOMATEC« foams protect people at work or at leisure time activities. In high-performance sports, NOMATEC« run-up and tumbling mats protect the body and joints effectively, thereby helping to prevent injuries.


Our foams make life more comfortable. NOMATEC« foams upholster your favourite chair or enable you to sleep on ergonomic mattress. NOMATEC« simply makes everything a little bit more comfortable.