Application Areas

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Depending on the environment and the overall impact on the final product, there are many different decisions that need to be made, whether in contact with a person, an ESD environment or exposure to high temperatures or high forces. Our products are available in great variety and can be used in a wide range of applications.
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Energy optimization
The products often consist of polymeric foam due to its preferred structure. Depending on the application environment we choose combinations of materials and structure. If there are specific requirements to be considered, the material is chosen accordingly.
Heat and cold insulation solutions with low thermal conductivity and good noise reduction property materials help you to produce high energy savings and quiet machines and equipment like air handling and heat recovery products and ground source heat pumps, etc.
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Acustics- Sound insulation- Sound absorption
The competence of acoustic is gathered under the trade name Noisetek ®. NMC can provide advanced noise measurement services, noise analysis, solution and product design and the latest acoustic materials in order to make you successful.

The new world class NOISETEK® Elaste product family is intended primarily for noise control solutions as constrained-layer damping (CLD) systems to prevent the harmful effects of resonating vibration.

A noise source can be reduced, absorbed or isolated, depending on your situation. We offer our customers an all-inclusive solution. With the right material structure and combination of material you can minimize the impact of sound on the product and in the environment. We help you with solutions, combinations and materials to get the right results.

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A rubber material provides good conditions to seal in most applications. The rubber material can withstand tough environments as well as high forces. We can develop sealing for water leakage, wind, air, NVH, and light leakage.
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Damping- Energy absorption
In a car crash, for instance, it is important that the impact energy is absorbed in an optimal way. We help to come up with a good solution of material and construction so as to get the best properties possible for the component. The crash can look very different. It can be between a person and an object, in a sports event or in buildings, or even at sea. No matter where and how, we find a durable way of designing and forming your application.
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Irrespective of the item or way, your delivery will reach you in a correct way and in the right condition. This can be critical. We create packaging that meets all kind of requirements and entails good savings in your logistics. Sometimes we work together with partners in order to give you access to a complete packaging alternative where the foam is part of the solution. We have for instance provided packaging for a research project in Antarctica, internal packaging in industry, as well as consumer and freight packaging for real high-prices.
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The floating ability with polymeric material is well known. Only a smaller piece of polymer can give your application amazing properties. The use of polymer as a floating element is used in various applications. Contact us and we will tell you more.