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PUR- Foams

- Polyester, polyether, melamine, Basotect®, Zotek®, Neopolen®

The material group of PUR or Polyurethane is often called simply cell foam. You will find foam in comfort applications due to the natural softness of the foam. But it’s also perfect to use in applications of sound absorbers. Its open cells destroy the sound waves and improve the acoustic environment. They also make the material suitable for filter applications. Depending on the properties of the material, additives are used to improve properties.
Application: Filter, comfort foam, mattress, sound absorption, mouldings, gasket.

FMV SS 302, UL 94 HF 1, UL 94 HF 2, G1 -3, Antistatic, Memory foam.,

20 to 300 kg / m3

50 - 190 ° C

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